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The solution for Train Event Recorders, has arrived!


TwinZone, created by Asola GmbH, is a unique and innovative system to read and analyse OTMR data (On-Train Monitoring Recorders).

Thanks to the innovative algorithm and its web based technology, the system reads and analyses the OTMR data sending automatically the results via Email to the users. It considerably reduces human intervention and paper costs.

Thanks to a User-Friendly interface, the user can view the Train data on an interactive railway Map as well as on an interactive Chart.

Built as a SaaS system (Software as a Service), it's an installation-free software available for several kind of device and Operative System.

A dedicated development Team guarantees constant updates which are made remotely and don't require any user action.




  • Conversion and analysis of several kind of OTMR file.
  • Displaying of Train itineraries on an interactive Map.
  • Displaying detailed OTMR parameters on an interactive Chart.
  • Automatic Email notifications system completely editable by the user.
  • Data export into XLS and PDF files.

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